Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Unit 3: The green movement – Project

1. Do a survey. Find out: (Làm một cuộc khảo sát. Tìm ra:)

how many students in your class have chosen a green lifestyle

what they often do

why they think their activities are environmentally friendly

You can use the following questionnaire:

How green are you?

1. Purchase certified organic food and drinks.

2. Buy reusable products.

3. Refuse plastic bags when shopping.

4. Walk to school at least twice a week.

5. Turn off the lights when leaving home.

6. Call a plumber to fix dripping water pipes and taps.

7. Take part in tree-planting events.

8. Use electronic files and avoid printing out documents.

9. Use solar energy calculators, watches and other accessories.

10. Encourage friends and relatives to join green activities.

2. Report your findings to your class. (Báo cáo kết quả với lớp của bạn.)




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