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Unit 10: Healthy lifestyle and longevity – Language


1. Complete the sentences with the right form of the following words and phrases. (Hoàn thành câu bằng dạng đúng của những từ / cụm từ dưới đây.)

1. cholesterol 2. nutrition 3. natural remedies 4. immune system
5. ageing process 6. meditation 7. Life expectancy 8. boost

2. Use a dictionary to check the meaning of the following adjectives formed with -free or anti-. Then write a short explanation of the phrases in the space provided. The first one is an example.(Dùng từ điển để xem nghĩa của những tính từ dưới đây với hậu to -free hoặc tiền tố anti- sau đó viết ra lời giải thích ngắn gọn cho những cụm từ đó vào khoảng trống cho sẵn. Cụm từ đầu tiên là ví dụ.)

1. fat-free milk milk that does not contain fat
2. stress-free lifestyle lifestyle that does not cause stress
3. cholesterol-free foods foods that do not contain cholesterol
4. anti-ageing foods foods that are believed to prevent the appearance from getting older
5. anti-acne diet diet that prevent the formation of acne
6. anti-cholesterol medicine medicine that lowers cholesterol levels or prevents high cholesterol


1. Listen and repeat. Pay attention to the fall-rise intonation. (Nghe và lặp lại, chú ý ngữ điệu xuống-lên.)

1. invitation / suggestion.

2. surprise.

3. uncertainty.

4. polite request.

5. hesitation.

2. Listen and mark (/) (fall-rise intonation). Then practise with a partner. (Nghe và đánh dấu (/) (ngữ điệu xuống-lên) sau đó thực tập nói với bạn bên cạnh.)

Lưu ý:

Khi diễn đạt lời mời, lời đề nghị, yêu cầu lịch sự, diễn đạt sự không chắc chắn hay sự ngạc nhiên chúng ta dùng ngữ điệu xuống-lên.


1. Read the statements in direct speech. Decide if it is necessary to change the verb tenses in reported speech after reporting verbs in the past tense. Write c (changed) or U (unchanged) in the spacc provided. (ãy đọc những câu nói trực tiếp dưới đây rồi quyết định xem có cần thiết phải thay đổi thì của động từ khi chuyển sang gián tiếp khi động từ tường thuật ở thì quá khứ không. Hãy viết C (thay đổi) hoặc U (không thay đổi) vào ô trống cho sẵn)

1. C/U 2. C/U 3. U 4. U
5. U 6. U 7. U 8. C/U

2. Report each statement in 1. Make all possible changes. (Tường thuật lại những câu kể ở bài tập 1. Thay đổi thì nếu có thể)

1. I told him (that) if I drank coffee before bedtime, I couldn’t sleep. (C)

I told him (that) if I drink coffee before bedtime, I can’t sleep. (U)

2. Dr Quan said (that) we’d boost our immune system if we had a healthy lifestyle. (C)

Dr Quan said (that) we will boost our immune system if we have a healthy lifestyle.(U)

3. John’s wife told him (that) it would be nice if he could spend more time with the children. (U)

4. Peter explained to US (that) if Ann called him back, he’d arrange an appointment for her. (U)

5. The travel agent explained to US (that) if we travel to a foreign country, we need a valid passport. (U)

6. My grandmother keeps telling US (that) if we catch a cold, we should try natural remedies before taking any medicine. (U)

7. John told me (that) if he were rich, he’d donate money to charity. (U)

8. Mary’s father said (that) Mary / she would recover quickly if she followed the doctor’s advice. (C)

Mary’s father said (that) Mary / she w ill recover quickly if she follows the doctor’s advice. (U)

4. Write the sentences in reported speech, using the reporting verbs in brackets. (Viết thành câu tường thuật dùng động từ tường thuật cho trong ngoặc.)

1. Jack’s father advised him not to eat fast food every day.

2. Ann asked Kim to do the dishes for her.

3. The doctor told me to do a 30-minute workout every day.

4. Mai invited Peter to go out for a coffee.

5. Phong apologised for breaking my glasses.

6. Hoa reminded Lan to buy some groceries on the way home.

7. Carol suggested enrolling on a yoga course.

8. John and Max admitted forgetting to submit the assigments the day before.

5. Change the sentences in reported spccch into direct speech. (Hãy đổi những lời nói gián tiếp dưới đây sang lời nói trực tiếp.)

2. “Kim, don’t forget to turn off the lights before leaving the house.”

Or: “Kim, remember to turn off the lights before leaving the house.”

3. “You shouldn’t exercise too hard because it’s not good for your heart.”

4. “Let’s have a picnic next weekend.”

Or: “Why don’t we have a picnic next weekend?”

5. “Don’t play near the construction site.”

6. “Would you like to spend your summer holidays on my grandparents’ farm?”

7. “I’m sorry. I’ve made lots of mistakes in the report.”

Or: ” I’m sorry for making lots of mistakes in the report.”




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