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Đề thi thử môn Anh THPTQG 2017 – THPT Chuyên Thoại Ngọc Hầu

Đề thi thử môn Anh THPT Quốc gia 2017, trường THPT Chuyên Thoại Ngọc Hầu, tỉnh An Giang tổ chức có đáp án.

12. Mrs Mai: “ ……………………”     -> Mr. Brown: “ Thank you. We are proud of him.”

A. Your kid is naughty.                           B. Can we ask your child to take a photo?

C. Your child is just adirable.                   D. I can give your kid a lift to school.

13. Ken and Laura are saying goodbye to each other after going to LOTTE Center. And they are going to have a date with each other later.

Laura: “ Well, it’s getting late. May be we could get together sometime.”

Ken: “………………………”

A. Nice to see back you.                                              B. Take it easy.

C. Sounds good. I’ll give you a call.                                D. Yes, I’ve enjoyed it.

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