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Đề kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh 12 học kì 1 Số 1

Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the rest:

1. a. bags   b. banks   c. seats   d. groups

2. a. houses   b. offices   c. sentences   d. places

3. a. laughs   b. likes   c. helps   d. arrives

4. a. followed   b. considered   c. witnessed   d. called

5. a. asked   b. played   c. typed   d. watched

Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest:

6. a. discuss   b. children   c. younger   d. parents

7. a. between   b. really   c. attract   d. polite

8. a. confide   b. reject   c. visit   d. install

9. a. suspicious   b. marvellous   c. physical   d. argument

10. a. project   b. support   c. secure   d. believe

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence or substitutes the underlined part:

11. A new ______ satellite has just been launched into the earth’s orbit to take some necessary photographs.

a. communicate   b. communication

c. communicative   d. communicatively

12. It is of great ______ to show your interest and politeness when you are having a job interview.

a. importance   b. important   c. importantly   d. unimportant

13. Facial ______ show one’s feelings when he is communicating.

a. expressions    b. expresses   c. expressive   d. expressively

14. Expressing ______ confidence is important to those who want to succeed in ______ job interview.

a. a / the   b. the / Ø   c. a / a   d. Ø / a

15. ______ nonverbal communication is different from culture to culture.

a. a   b. an   c. the   d. Ø

16. Some people get married not simply because they are ______ love.

a. for   b. with   c. in   d. on

17. Education is very necessary ______ leading a good life.

a. on   b. in   c. for   d. with

18. She never looks ______ anyone who she is talking ______. She seems to be lack ______ confidence.

a. at / to / of   b. for / with / in

c. up / for / with   d. on / about / for

19. He came to ______ for what had happened because he had clearly been in the wrong.

a. apologize   b. compliment   c. promise   d. serve

20. He had never experienced such discourtesy towards the president as it occurred at the annual meeting in May.

a. politeness   b. rudeness

c. encouragement   d. measurement

21. James looked up at Jane and tried a smile of love, of ______, of gratitude.

a. dislike   b. unreliability   c. trust   d. anger

22. Body language includes our ______, facial expressions, and gestures.

a. posture   b. mature   c. picture   d. body

23. Parents interpret facial and vocal expressions as indicators of how a baby is feeling

a. translate   b. understand   c. read   d. comprehend

24. Later a wine reception will be followed by a concert before guests tuck into a banquet.

a. an enormous breakfast   b. a formal conference

c. an informal party   d. a formal party

25. He asked us do not make so much noise ______ he was working.

a. and that if   b. and

c. and that   d. and added that

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer:

When I was younger, I hated being the oldest child and the only girl in my family. But now that I am older, I realize that being “Big Sister” actually has its advantages. First of all, I get special treatment from my parents and brothers. I get my own room, and brothers have to do all the heavy work around the house. Another benefit is that, being the oldest, I have learned to be responsible and dependable. For example, my parents often leave my brothers in my care when they go out. I also try my best in whatever I do in order to be a good example for my brothers. The experience I’ve had in taking care of my brothers has prepared me for my own family in the future. So, even though I didn’t choose to be the oldest child and the only girl in my family, I have succeeded in making this situation work to my best advantage.

26. The writer disliked ______________ when she was younger.

a. having too many brothers in her family

b. being the oldest child and the only girl in her family

c. being the youngest child in her family

d. getting special treatment from her parents and brothers

27. “Big sister” means _____________.

a. the only child   b. eldest sister

c. the biggest girl   d. the oldest person

28. She has to ____________ when her parents go out.

a. do heavy work in the house

b. lay the table for dinners

c. look after her brothers

d. cook every meal

29. She has ________ in making the situation work to her best advantage.

a. liked   b. chosen   c. failed   d. succeeded

30. When the writer grows up, she finds it is _________ to be a big sister.

a. enjoyable   b. miserable   c. acceptable   d. hateful

Fill in numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase:

Romantic is the opportunity to show your loved one (31)_________ special he/she is to you. It means taking the time for them, and sharing time together, even (32)__________ you are very busy. It does not mean thinking only about yourself. It means putting your spouse first. Here are some ideas to spice up your romance.

– Do small acts of kindness, such as give him/her flowers, or a little gift, or (33)__________ a poem, etc.

– (34) ___________ “Thank you” and “I Love You” often.

– Be considerate of his/her feelings and sorrows.

– Take long walks together – anywhere.

– Share jokes at mealtime. (35)________ is a great way to share one’s love.

31. a. what   b. how   c. which   d. that

32. a. as   b. when   c. if   d. but

33. a. write   b. discover   c. invent   d. search

34. a. Talk   b. Tell   c. Ask   d. Say

35. a. Laugh   b. Laughter   c. Laughable   d. Laughably

Đáp án

1. a 2. a 3. d 4. c 5. b 6. a 7. b
8. c 9. a 10. a 11. b 12. a 13. a 14. d
15. d 16. c 17. c 18. a 19. a 20. b 21. c
22. a 23. b 24. d 25. d 26. b 27. d 28. c
29. d 30. a 31. b 32. b 33. a 34. d 35. b




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